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When I conceived the idea of putting up a full blown website I was fueled by creativity and curiousity. I thought it would be fun (geeky, I know). I had intended to perhaps write essays or some personal expositions, which evolved into a blog. I always wanted to write technical guides that would help people. I was very slow to put up a few resources on this site. It took a long time for anyone to notice or even find them useful.

New Server

Testing ... 1, 2, 3 ... Okay, my site is on a new machine. Anybody notice anything different? I hope not. Let me know if anybody sees any problems. First person who finds something wrong gets a prize. You can pick anyone (or all of) the following wonderful prizes: 14" Compaq Monitor (640x480x24bit @60Hz) 486 Motherboard with Intel 486 33 Mhz, 8MB ram HP LaserJet 6P printer (not working) Pentium Motherboard with Intel Pentium 133Mhz, 32MB EDO ram (?

More Downtime Troubles

Note sure if anyone noticed another minor downtime yesterday. Up till yesterday I was sure I would stay with my hosting since they significantly increased my file space and bandwidth quota. However now I'm looking for new hosting. Taking suggestions. All apologies to people waiting for new revisions to my technical documents. Things have been ... disorganized lately.


Yesterday my hosting server took a painful hit. Some hard drive crashed and I lost access for 7 hours, then had some issues for another 6 or so hours. Not sure how many hundred's of people found my site not responding. Argh!!! Technology can really bite. I would not have cared a month ago. Around December 16, I went from 50 viewers a day to about 300. Last friday I took a peak of 500!

First 3 Months

For the past 3 months that my website has been open to the public, I've had some interesting visitors. Quite a few people are actually looking for me when they visit (imagine that). Many are looking for my resources (that's what I put them up), which is great. Apparently my post on MP3 swapping and my personal music reviews together seemed to have attracted many people looking for free MP3s. Don't they know that's illegal?