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When I conceived the idea of putting up a full blown website I was fueled by creativity and curiousity. I thought it would be fun (geeky, I know). I had intended to perhaps write essays or some personal expositions, which evolved into a blog. I always wanted to write technical guides that would help people. I was very slow to put up a few resources on this site. It took a long time for anyone to notice or even find them useful.

It was really satisfying when someone emailed me and told me they found something useful. Some people asked for help, which I welcomed, and I helped as best I could. Some people asked a lot more, hoping I would help them with a business solution. Inappropriate, I assure you, but I stayed polite. Recently someone offered me a large donation because I helped them with a multimedia problem on their computer. The irony is that, to me, it wasn't a big deal, but I guess a helping hand goes a long way. Even though I wasn't expecting something like that, there is no greater feeling than knowing that you are appreciated.

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