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First 3 Months

For the past 3 months that my website has been open to the public, I've had some interesting visitors. Quite a few people are actually looking for me when they visit (imagine that). Many are looking for my resources (that's what I put them up), which is great. Apparently my post on MP3 swapping and my personal music reviews together seemed to have attracted many people looking for free MP3s. Don't they know that's illegal? :-) The absolute weirdest was someone looking for Adam Sandler who ended up at my site.

The different countries are pretty impressive. People from Canada, Netherlands, Seychelles, United Kingdom, Australia, Finland, Russian Federation, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland have visited. I hadn't even heard of Seychelles before now. The only disappointing thing was that none were from India. Where are my people?

About the visitors: There were about 116 unique visitors with about 1105 visits (which is about 19,500 pages). Not bad I guess. I'm not really looking for the popularity, but it sure can be interesting. And only 6 of you regular readers even post. Well I'm glad people find something worth reading here.

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