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Fear of Syndication

As I've said before I get literally a hundred times more readers for my Resources than I do for my blog, which is perfectly fine. When I started this I wasn't expecting anyone to read this. Well as requested by some, I finally added an RSS feed for my blog. I don't know if I just opened a can of worms or not. I guess a blog isn't "official" unless it supports feeds.

A Good Year for mjm wired

As almost none of you can recall, I started this site in early 2003, and I remember counting visitors 1 by 1. There were so few I knew them all by IP (yes, I hate to admit that). Anyways, I eventually started with my Guides and Resources (which was one of my intents from the beginning). I got a little bit of traffic from that, maybe 50 hits or so a day, during mid to late 2003.

If You Can Read This...

Then you are not blind and have basic English fluency. More importantly, by seeing this post, my site should have completed the move. Please, please let me know if there are any bugs or problems.

I'm Moving!

Well, not literally. I'm moving my site. My hosting service has lately been abysmal. Well I shouldn't complain too much - considering the cost. Well, moving upwards, I guess. I will be switching hosting within the next 2 weeks. Please bear with me through the transition. Email's may be delayed. Unfortunately due to the significant increase in price for the new service, there may be some ad's placed over the site.

Nothing Special for 2.0

Well, I've owned my domain name for about a year now. I decided it was time to fix a long list of nuisances and issues on my website. Yeah, that's it. Sorry to disappoint but my "re-launch" was nothing special. Everything still looks the same, but it should look just a little bit better. Let's see if I can list my changes ... Much better navigation ... Lots more content - Links, some stuff in Pictures and "