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Linux with Doubts

To better serve my readers (all 3.5 of you), I'm splitting off all my Linux related content to my new Linux only blog: Linux with Doubts (don't worry I'm using WordPress this time around). I'm somewhat skeptical of several aspects of this marvelous OS, and hence the title. I hope to focus my main site more on me and this new blog on the boring stuff that makes me a geek.

I Botched My Website

Okay, my changes didn't integrate as smoothly as I thought they would. I think I screwed up the entire site. PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you find a problem. I think I got enough of them to make the site work, but there are still some issues lurking in the background.

Forced Update

Well apologies for the lame post yesterday. As I've made abundandtly clear in past entries, my site thrives on the visitors I get for my technical information. But in all fairness, I don't want to neglect those people who actually read the blog hoping for real content from me. So let's see. Since my summer vacation, I've become horribly lethargic - well, a little less motivated I would guess. Things at the residence have been a bit laborious.

Opera 8

I normally don't do plugs but I am impressed with the latest version of Opera. In my honest opinion they really improved after version 7. And in the grand scheme of things I'd be happier if there were plenty of different web browsers accessing the world wide web. It would force the a lot of people to fix things. Anyways, I've yet to try it out on windows, I'm posting this with Opera on Linux.

Curious Tale of Stolen Content

I was doing my usual rounds on the forums. Usually I look for people to help with their computer problems while I slyly demonstrate my technical prowess over the ignorant users. I found a help topic where I was fairly knowledgeable: video drivers on linux. A user asked for help and some people gave semi-useful comments. Someone gave the best possible answer (referring them to my site) so I felt a reply wasn't needed.