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Nothing Special for 2.0

Well, I've owned my domain name for about a year now. I decided it was time to fix a long list of nuisances and issues on my website. Yeah, that's it. Sorry to disappoint but my "re-launch" was nothing special. Everything still looks the same, but it should look just a little bit better. Let's see if I can list my changes ... Much better navigation ... Lots more content - Links, some stuff in Pictures and "In & Out" sections ... Archives completely reworked ... lots of visual coolness (Mozilla users will see more I'm afraid) ... You can finally edit the user preferences ... changed the top of the page (notice the catchy phrases?) and changed the bottom too ... Biggest change - I switched to XHTML. Yup now I'm standard's compliant. I cannot emphasize what a pain that was!

Well, bring on the comments, tell me what works. You know the drill. Hope everyone enjoys my labor: all 5 of my regular readers, and all 8000 of my 30 seconds or less readers AKA short attention span readers.

I almost didn't notice but I guess today was a "leap day". I forget if there was one in 2000, but I remember the one from 1996. My english teacher made some bizarre comment and it kinda got glued into my head. Me and my bizarre memory.

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  • Mike on March 18, 2004 ~ 01:01 AM

    is totally useless. but hilarious…