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Fear of Syndication

As I've said before I get literally a hundred times more readers for my Resources than I do for my blog, which is perfectly fine. When I started this I wasn't expecting anyone to read this. Well as requested by some, I finally added an RSS feed for my blog. I don't know if I just opened a can of worms or not. I guess a blog isn't "official" unless it supports feeds. Going with the flow...

Anyways, FireFox users can add me their "Live Bookmarks" and you aggregators do your damage. I'm only supporting RSS2.0, if someone requests Atom or RSS 0.9.2, I'll add it. Otherwise enjoy.

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  • Jeff Schiller on March 18, 2005 ~ 09:09 AM

    What’s to fear? Fear of wider exposure?

    Thanks, by the way…it saves my lazy ass from having to click to your site if you haven’t posted anything :P