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The American Automobile

I don't feel the need to discuss or debate the merits of the decision to buy an American made versus a foreign made vehicle. The purchasing process of the American individual has never been a rational thing. The point I do want to make is the rare opportunity that this economic situation has afforded to people who might be in the market to buy a new car. Prior to the financial meltdown that started at the end of 2008, one of the major selling points for people who purchased American was that some sort of incentive would make the price of a new car incredibly attractive when compared to a foreign alternative.

Telling More Than Time

Back when the whole "Metro" craze was going on (it did end right?), I remember being told that having a nice watch on your wrist was a "requirement". Of course the implication was that women would be looking out for that. I really did not pay attention back then. Later I remember someone showing me their imitation Rolex they bought for a couple hundred bucks (I think it was $1200?). Of course the real watch would be in the ten's of thousands (40 grand?

Cellular Frustration

I've been doing some research about switching my wireless provider so when it comes to the end of my current contract I can seemlessly carry over to my new provider. So in preparation I called and verified what the process is. For any cellular/wireless provider "porting" is the term for switching your number from one provider to the next. In the technical section, I read that porting wireless-to-wireless should technically only take 2-3 hours.

I Think I Found my MP3 Player

I've been holding out on an MP3 player for over a year now. My biggest frustration with things like the iPod is that they have bad battery life and support few sound formats, and their compatibility is mediocre. ... So if I were to list my requirements they would be: * Play MP3, WMA, Ogg - (I ripped most of my CD's to Ogg format) 10-15 hour battery life - (iPod does 6?

Design Flaws

A coworker recently setup a Comcast Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which is basically a mini-computer recording TV onto a hard-drive much like a VCR. He listed an amazing and convenient feature set which almost impressed me. I asked him one simple question: Must it be left on 24/7? Answer: Yes. He admitted that he didn't like that part either. This brings up my frustration with many similar new gagdets, appliances and most software.