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Starcraft 2

Well yesterday Starcraft 2 was finally released. I've actually been excited about this game since they announced it over 3 years ago. I knew then that I couldn't play it on my PC, so I decided that I wouldn't replace my desktop until I knew the requirements for the game. I'm somewhat impressed they aren't that bad (although recommended 4GB RAM on a Mac seems a bit much). I've been looking for an excuse to replace my aging desktop with a new powerhouse, and this seems like a perfectly legitimate reason.

The Joy of Vacuuming

My brother bought a Dyson DC24 off of Amazon for my parents as a Christmas present last year. My initial thought was "Did they need another vacuum cleaner?". Then when my dad assembled it, I was a little taken aback. The thing is tiny and looks almost like a toy. It seems a little flimsy and even a little mechanically quirky. And the dirt tray is so small you would have to empty it frequently.

A Modest Look Back Over 2009

Happy New Year! I started writing this yesterday, but didn't get a chance to publish. This last year was quite an revolutionary year. Lots of up's and down's, hello's and goodbye's and some serious shakeups in the workplace. I want to list some of notable points about the last year. There is really no major order, anything and everything that came to mind I added. Some of the positive things...

California 2009

I got back from my trip to California last night. As previously noted I was intending to relax a bit but that never really happened. For better or worse (more of the better), I went around. A lot!. I had a different city for pretty much every day. And I really don't know what I was expecting, but the traffic and driving were too much for me. Although, I was doing much more traveling on account that I was a tourist.

Canon Cameras and Customer Support

I think it was during late 2004, that my younger brother said he wanted to buy a digital camera since he would be taking a trip to France. After a little bit of research (and seeing the ugly pictures from a co-worker's Sony camera), we both settled on a Canon PowerShot S410. I had a gift certificate from Best Buy, so I picked up S500 that Christmas (same camera but 5MP instead of 4.