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Telling More Than Time

Back when the whole "Metro" craze was going on (it did end right?), I remember being told that having a nice watch on your wrist was a "requirement". Of course the implication was that women would be looking out for that. I really did not pay attention back then.

Later I remember someone showing me their imitation Rolex they bought for a couple hundred bucks (I think it was $1200?). Of course the real watch would be in the ten's of thousands (40 grand?), so it was a deal? Even then I didn't pay attention.

Eventually I got a nice time piece of my own, and suddenly I had the uncontrollable urge to look at everyone's wrist. I had to know what brand or style of watch they were wearing. Whether it suited them, whether it was pricey, did it match their style? But the worst habit I developed was that I would try to analyze to see if it showed something about their character.

So I was in New York last year. Everyone who's walked through the streets near Time Square has seen all the peddlers selling their bootleg DVD's, their glamorous purses or best: their luxury watches. I would hope most people know that they're knock-offs. Anyways I did approach one such fellow and gazed into his suitcase on a stand. There were all sorts of imitation Rolex's, Citizen's, Movado's and Breitling's - terrible looking in my opinion and obviously fake. But the best part of it was that I really got to see what type of watch the peddler was wearing: a $15 Casio plastic LCD watch.

I wonder what that shows?

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