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I Think I Found my MP3 Player

I've been holding out on an MP3 player for over a year now. My biggest frustration with things like the iPod is that they have bad battery life and support few sound formats, and their compatibility is mediocre. ... So if I were to list my requirements they would be:

* Play MP3, WMA, Ogg - (I ripped most of my CD's to Ogg format)

  • 10-15 hour battery life - (iPod does 6?)

  • Can act as a removable USB2 hard drive in all OS’s (really windows and linux)

  • FM Radio receiver - (I don’t understand why this is not more common?)

  • Voice recorder - (VERY nice, but not required)

So I could barely beleive it, when someone showed me the iAudio X5. It has all that AND more. So now I just have to do my research and get it. The (nearly) impossible has happened, I think I found my MP3 player!

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  • Rob on June 21, 2005 ~ 07:19 PM

    Looks sharp at least. What’s the other little thing it’s hooked up to?

  • Mauriat Miranda on June 21, 2005 ~ 08:20 PM

    Remote control? The more I look at it, the more I like it. I guess I should start looking for potential problems with it.

  • Jeff Schiller on June 21, 2005 ~ 10:22 PM

    I think you’re just turned on by the picture of the sexy chick