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Webpad for Sale

I normally don't like to post advertisement on my blog, but I need to get this done. Anyways, I'm selling my brother's internet webpad. He owes me big for this. In any event, I crafted a progear webpad page for it. I would appreciate if any readers take a look and see if they or someone they might know would be interested. If anybody knows of some good forums I could post, that would help too.

A Little Power Boost

I finally upgraded my 2 year old computer. Basically I just swapped out the motherboard, cpu and memory. Inspite of the influence from the Intel camp (you know who you are), I went with AMD ... again. (The 2.4Ghz P4 did look *very* nice). Anyways, its an Athlon XP 2500+, with 512MB of PC2700 memory. All things considered, it doesn't feel much faster. Although I really haven't used it much. So now my brother gets the 1133Mhz chip.