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Starcraft 2

Well yesterday Starcraft 2 was finally released. I've actually been excited about this game since they announced it over 3 years ago. I knew then that I couldn't play it on my PC, so I decided that I wouldn't replace my desktop until I knew the requirements for the game. I'm somewhat impressed they aren't that bad (although recommended 4GB RAM on a Mac seems a bit much). I've been looking for an excuse to replace my aging desktop with a new powerhouse, and this seems like a perfectly legitimate reason. :-)

I went to Amazon to save the game in my cart (and my wish list), when I started to read the reviews there. I'm a little disappointed with the complaints regarding the DRM and online account requirement Blizzard has chosen to employ. I will admit that when I played the original Starcraft in college over a decade ago it was widely pirated across the campus networks. But now as a legitimate buyer I'm feel a little frustrated knowing how expensive and annoying the process is - before you can even sit down and play.

I still intend to buy the game (can't wait). But first I need to buy a new computer (can't wait either). Quad-Core here I come!

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  • me on July 28, 2010 ~ 11:23 PM

    da 1st quadcore came out in ~mid 07. 4 yrs later (yes, dat means next yr in ‘11) such a computer still isnt obsolete. my how times have changed, eh?

    i blame amd…

    p.s. chk ur email (any 1 of ur 3 dat i kno of)