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A Modest Look Back Over 2009

Happy New Year! I started writing this yesterday, but didn't get a chance to publish.

This last year was quite an revolutionary year. Lots of up's and down's, hello's and goodbye's and some serious shakeups in the workplace. I want to list some of notable points about the last year. There is really no major order, anything and everything that came to mind I added.

Some of the positive things...

  • Had 4 memorable fun trips this year.
  • High point: U2: 360
  • Best CD I purchased: Coldplay: Prospekt's March off Amazon (actually 2 CD's)
  • Best DVD I purchased: The Departed off Ebay (I'm cheap)
  • Smartest purchase: some running shoes
  • Musical talent I found most fascinating in 2009: Lady Gaga (yes, I admit it)
  • Best 2009 Movie I saw: Up from Pixar (so sad, but yet so sweet)
  • The "family" grew not once, but twice
  • Someone I thought for sure would never get hitched actually tied the knot - there is hope after all
  • Old friends: 1 engagement announcement, 1 baby on the way announcement and 1 yes!-i'm-finally-a-daddy SMS!
  • I took the time to really learn something about investing
  • I finally tried Netflix, I feel stupid for waiting so long - and they have so many bollywood/hindi flicks
  • Along the lines of Netflix, also came to enjoy Redbox - how can you beat $1/day rentals?
  • I got Windows 7 Ultimate for free, and I hate to admit I really like it
  • Coolest gadget I should have bought much earlier: Playstation 3, so many things you can do with this thing
  • I DID NOT get laid off from my job

And some of lower points...

  • Sad farewell to my Uncle
  • Missed a chance to visit China (major bummer)
  • Realized I need to be more careful on my diet and lifestyle ... the gut is here
  • Lots of disappointing movies in 2009
    • Terminator: Salvation - had such a b-movie feel to it
    • The Hangover - previews were much better
    • Star Trek - Star Trek should not be sexy!
  • Not many good places to eat outside of the new office location
  • Most annoying personality of the year: Glenn Beck
  • Many friendly intelligent colleagues disappeared from the workplace, hope they learned something
  • I DID NOT get laid off from my job (there's a flip-side to everything)

Of course there are many things that I can't quite categorize. I had a few personal epiphanies (many go beyond the scope of this blog).

  • I realized in the past that I have been quite the luddite. I can't beleive how often I have resisted change.
  • I realized I have no concrete goals. (That's probably the nicest way to put it)
  • I don't really know anything about investing. Years of reading still seem like you're missing something.
  • Deadlines really do make the world go round.

And about this new decade that begins with 2010, I have some hopes and fears. Sadly, they start with health care. America you really messed up. When HR says things like "consumer driven options" it is code for "you are screwed". I can deal with that since I am relatively healthy and not in any position that something will bankrupt me, but others? I'm not so sure. ... And will the movie and music industries get a hint already: adapt or the torrents will destroy you! ... Netflix, Redbox and on-demand streaming: maybe cable TV is no longer necessary? ... And the real gem for this coming year: more Android phones! (even though Google is beginning to scare me).

And in conclusion, I did actually pick one real resolution: I resolve to stay single for 2010. Tougher than I originally thought...

Happy New Year

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  • Anonymous on January 1, 2010 ~ 10:22 PM

    Strange, strange resolution and you used luddite!

    A prosperous 2010 to you :-)

  • chigga on January 5, 2010 ~ 06:06 AM

    shows bof da brite & dark sides of da yr. as for me, i think 2010 is gonna be a great yr for me for many reasons…

    P.S.: chk ur email, i sent u som'm my from hotmail addy due to security reasons. so plz reply back to my hotmail addy instead of to my werk email. thx.