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The New Homes in Ann Arbor

I had a conversation with some co-workers recently about how some neighborhoods use intimidation and coercion to make some of their denizens comply to their standards or force them to move out. Some of the more egregious incidents were with Arabs in a white community or a Christian in a liberal community. Anyways, the reason I bring this up is because the housing that was so apposed by the wealthy community in NE Ann Arbor is finally near completion.

Multitude of Opinions as Facts?

An opinion is an opinion? Right? What if one opinion is accepted by majority, then what? ... So I'm reading Bill O'Reilly's April 1rst Talkings Point Memo and he, like most news stations, was giving his view of the Terri Schiavo case: Now all over America, people have chosen sides, which is your right to do. "Talking Points" hopes that you base your opinion on provable facts, not speculation and emotion.

With Apologies to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope that some people don't label this as somewhat racist, but I feel that since MLK was assinated in 1968, his message has become somewhat perverted. It may not be intentional but I can't help feeling that irreverance and politics have take over. I remember when I was in college many students complained that they would rather attend MLK rallies and events instead of going to class today. So to appease what I would think is a minority, the University gave the time off to attend such events.

Why the Schools?

I'm beyond disgusted at this turn of events. I heard it a day or so ago, but never expected it to end so poorly. A group of 40 children broke out of the school. Terrorists started firing at them, and armed bystanders in turn shot at the hostage-takers, he said. The terrorists responded by detonating a bomb that partly destroyed the roof of the school. Shoot at kids? So what do we hold sacred?

Immigrants and Minorities

I was reading Clarence Page's column in a recent Detroit News titled: Immigrants are minorities, too. Although I normally enjoy his writing, this column really struck a cord with me. Page brings together some key points about affirmative action, immigrants and minorities. The most poignant thing to me: A bigger question is: Why are black students whose families have been in America for generations being left behind by newcomers, including black newcomers from other countries?