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Net Neutrality Defeated

In a serious blow to the freedom of the internet as a whole, the US House of Representatives defeated the Net Neutrality vote that would have prevented telecommunication companies from discriminating how and which websites can be accessed by end users. The effects which by far are not exagerated are listed on the It’s Our Net website. The bottom line is your internet provider (broadband, dial-up, etc) is not restricted from treating all websites equally.

Remember the Name

I think it was 1996 and someone whose opinion I valued, asked me what my greatest fear was. I answered that outside of closest monsters, laughing hyenas or having to shave my legs, that I feared being forgotten. Granted it was a very common response, so I would guess its a common fear. Whether or not it is genuine for others is beyond me. So for Memorial Day weekend I went (with my family) to one of the usual places I "

Long Live MJM!

The "real" Mahesh Reddy started blogging ... again. When I was chatting with him he mentioned that he happened to stumble upon a link to my site, by accident. I thought that was cool. Its funny what we find by accident on the web. Apparently those who read my resources on my website are very appreciative. Some much more than others. Often I get some messages from overseas. I so very much want to publish my "

Corporate Stranglehold on Technology

This was actually a response on Jeff's blog, but it got so long that I decided to post here instead. Anyways for anyone who doesn't know, more and more lawsuits are being given to peer-to-peer software companies and consumers alike. Even Apple is under pressure from the Industry to raise prices. I'm normally much more passive on this topic, but lately I've been getting terribly frustrated at the obvious BS coming out of the likes of the Recording Industry and Motion Pictures Industry.

American Life

A more appropriate title would be American Lives. Oh, wait, maybe I should be more specific: Value of American Lives. ... A coworker told me he saw firefighters in the street intersections collecting donations with their boots and hats for victims of hurricane Katrina, which at this moment the official death toll is now exceeding 400. I commented that I recalled firefighters in the same area doing the same after September 11, 2001 (2,752 dead).