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Immigrants and Minorities

I was reading Clarence Page's column in a recent Detroit News titled: Immigrants are minorities, too. Although I normally enjoy his writing, this column really struck a cord with me. Page brings together some key points about affirmative action, immigrants and minorities. The most poignant thing to me:

A bigger question is: Why are black students whose families have been in America for generations being left behind by newcomers, including black newcomers from other countries?
Mr. Gates plans to a study group on the question. I can offer one easy possibility at no charge: Immigrant kids work harder.<br />

They work harder, in part, because their parents work harder - and their parents work harder because of their relentless optimism: Where others might see a dead-end job, immigrants of all colors see an entry-level opportunity.<br />

Where others may see inequities, immigrants tend to see a ladder to be climbed. With hyperoptimism, they move ahead, upward and outward, undeterred by discrimination, short-term poverty, substandard housing, lack of capital or any other barriers that fate throws in the way of their hopes and dreams.</div></blockquote>

Although aimed at African Americans it clearly applies to everyone. As much as people feel the need to bash America, I can honestly say this is the land of oppertunity. I've seen with my own eyes people come here with nothing and work hard for everything. You can't wait for success to come to you, you need to go out and work for it; seize it! And with that, I should really follow my own advice. However, I know I've achieved a lot, but I know I still have far to go.

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  • Mike on July 29, 2004 ~ 10:22 PM

    ya see da same thing. 90% of peeps here r stupid & lazy. but chiggaz here in da U.S. r just da opposite (mo' o' less). iz bout da environment. any1 who says chiggaz r born w/ da habit of hard work born into der bones r only kiddin' demselves.