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The Pianist

This weekend I watch The Pianist, a very well done movie in almost every respect. It clearly deserved all the Oscar attention it received. As much as I enjoyed the movie, at times it was very hard to watch its sad depictions and depressing scenes. The German occupation of Warsaw is shown in grim detail through the eyes of a Jewish pianist. As a survivor his very real story was eventually told.

Affirmative Action ... Stays in Action

Well the verdict is out. Even though the Supreme Court said that they found University of Michigan's undergraduate point based admissions model unconstitutional, they still left the door open for race to be considered as a factor for admissions. Sadly, this will keep affirmative action policies in use across the United States for many years to come. It is naive to think that there is no racism left in this country but I think it is a bigger mistake to think that affirmative action addresses this problem.