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With Apologies to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope that some people don't label this as somewhat racist, but I feel that since MLK was assinated in 1968, his message has become somewhat perverted. It may not be intentional but I can't help feeling that irreverance and politics have take over.

I remember when I was in college many students complained that they would rather attend MLK rallies and events instead of going to class today. So to appease what I would think is a minority, the University gave the time off to attend such events. However the majority did the opposite, they slept or did whatever activities they would do on a day off. I understand the point of the holiday, but I would seriously question if it makes people anymore aware of what the slain civil rights activist stood for.

So last friday's news showed that a major automotive company had pledged $10 million to a $100 million project to construct a memorial to MLK. To contrast: $9 million was spent on the Vietnam Memorial. I may be comparing apples to oranges, but I am uncertain whether or not $100 million will help keep the "dream alive" across the world? Could it not be better invested into the communities and problems that plague the very people MLK was trying to help? I don't know, I may just be another ignorant person.

So I wonder. Does race based affirmative action go contrary to being judged "by the content of their character"? Is MLK's widow correct to question if non-violence would still work today? And is Bill Cosby's challenge to the African-American community correct to say "Forget about Dr. Martin Luther King. What would Jesus think?". I do not question what King stood for, I question if his legacy is pure to this day.

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  • Tai on January 24, 2005 ~ 03:15 PM

    Is MLK’s vision pure? It would be my opinion that it is not. Much philosophical ideologies are tainted, skewed, stretched, and distorted by the individual who repeats it–usually using it to support or make his point. On a brighter note, a continuation of his ideologies at least spurs current and future thinkers who may in turn positively impact society.