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Forced Update

Well apologies for the lame post yesterday. As I've made abundandtly clear in past entries, my site thrives on the visitors I get for my technical information. But in all fairness, I don't want to neglect those people who actually read the blog hoping for real content from me. So let's see. Since my summer vacation, I've become horribly lethargic - well, a little less motivated I would guess.

Things at the residence have been a bit laborious. I guess people should know that summer isn't for fun, it's for all those winter and spring tasks you've postponed (all will probably postpone again). Mowing, putting out fertilizer, cleaning, yadda yadda yadda. Spare time? A little TV here and there. An occasional DVD. Saw Troy the other night. It was indeed pretty boring. Too many naked bum-bum's :-P ... Saw The Others, not bad at all. Man, them ghosts. The summer science fiction television started up again a few weeks ago. I have to keep the geek spirit in check and watch the obligatory episodes.

Work? Work is work. There was a big chemical plant fire a few weeks ago and I was told at 11pm to not come into work the next morning. "Hooray for me!" So I stayed up till some aweful hour, only to have my alarm accidentally wake me up at the usual. Being the responsible yokel that I am, I called in and checked only to find out I had to come in. "Shame on me! Shame on me! Shhttuupid me!!" Other than that I made an elementary programming error and did a <= when I only wanted the <. How obvious!!! The software shipped and I got busted. Oh well. At least I didn't have to tell anybody about it, except for maybe the internet.

Other stuff? Sadly I've spent countless hours on a new publishing system. "Engineer, let me introuce you to the wheel." Hopefully that will bring down my overhead in my site maintenance to a minimal. So I can focus on more important things. Oh wait. Nevermind.

Socially? Hmmm, Mahesh has been telling me to send him some stuff, but I've been lazy. Maybe it's some subconcious problem??? Aashish came into town and we visited Joe and his posse. Got some random emails from old buddies who seem much more distant than before. And now it's ever more present that I'm part of the problem.

Aahh, I can't beleive I got giddy thinking about the U2 concert this morning on the way to work. How pathetic. If you read this and ya'll know who you are, write me sometime. I'm sure I'll forget to do the same.

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  • Mike on August 29, 2005 ~ 09:09 AM

    ur ass needs ta move da fuck out of ur house. it aint doin' u no good, no matter how comfortable it mite feel…