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Opera 8

I normally don't do plugs but I am impressed with the latest version of Opera. In my honest opinion they really improved after version 7. And in the grand scheme of things I'd be happier if there were plenty of different web browsers accessing the world wide web. It would force the a lot of people to fix things. Anyways, I've yet to try it out on windows, I'm posting this with Opera on Linux. Works better than the last time I tried it, and as far as I can tell my entire website renders correctly (apology to IE users).

So I urge people to download and try it out, I may not be 100% ready to switch anytime soon but maybe some others might dump IE for it.

Download Opera

Oh yeah, with 250 unique clicks of the banner I'm supposed to get a free license. So far I've got ... ummm ... 1.

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  • Jeff Schiller on April 28, 2005 ~ 09:09 AM

    …so I can’t click.

    Opera is good, but the ads are annoying and I found it a little busy up top (not as clean as Firefox) even without the ads (i.e. the toolbars, tabs, etc). I can probably configure it to look nicer but haven’t bothered yet.

    Anyway, I’m glad they’re supporting SVG Tiny natively now, they beat Firefox 1.1 out of the gate on that one (though Mozilla’s support of SVG extends beyond the SVG Tiny profile).