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American Idol: Season 6

I can't beleive I'm confessing on my blog that I am actually watching America Idol for the first time in my life and I actually enjoying it. Past few weeks were pretty entertaining with all the humiliation and belittling (sad fact of our human nature). But anyways, I've never watched the show before . I saw 15 minutes of Fantasia performing when I was in India in 2004 and otherwise I really have not found many "

Digital Cable Newbie

"Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." Everytime I visited a friend or relative with digital cable, I always thought "how cool". Yeah, so I have digital cable now, I didn't choose to get it, it's sort of just there, so I sort of use it. And it's somewhat of a disappointment. Yeah, not as nice as the brochure. Biggest pain: It effectively killed my urge to channel surf.

Selling Bikes without Selling Out

I was watching the news the other night and I saw Paul Sr., Paul Jr. and Mikey from American Choppers. I can't recall the details of the interview but one question was asked to Paul Sr. about the difficulties they handle and how it feels to be so successful. The one comment he made that caught my attention was about how to keep doing what they do (good bikes) withouth "

'Chappelle's Show' is over

I didn't think I really cared at first, but to say the least I'm shocked. Chapelle's Show is over! I wonder what will fill the void?

I Gotta Have More Cowbell, Baby!

Mark you calendars: the seasoned comedy pro will return to SNL on May 14! Don't get your hopes up, he's only hosting.