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American Idol: Season 6

I can't beleive I'm confessing on my blog that I am actually watching America Idol for the first time in my life and I actually enjoying it. Past few weeks were pretty entertaining with all the humiliation and belittling (sad fact of our human nature). But anyways, I've never watched the show before . I saw 15 minutes of Fantasia performing when I was in India in 2004 and otherwise I really have not found many "Idol's" very impressive. So last night the final 24 (12 girls and 12 boys) were selected. And the picks made for some possible interesting television.

During the auditions Indian siblings, Shaymali and Sanjaya Malakar both made it. And even though both thought the older sister (Shaymali) was the better singer, her brother proved to be the shining talent when she was cut. However sadly for this desi, this is American idol and as much as I think he's a good singer, I doubt he'll make it. After all america wants people like Katharine McPhee who sit very suggestively on the cover of their debut CD's.

Otherwise outside the obvious indian talent, I'm rather impressed by Chris Sligh - the christian wanna-be rocker who's got a killer sense of humor. Sadly he reminds me of Jack Osbourne and I think he'll struggle in the sex-appeal department as well. And even though I doubt I'd ever buy her music, I was very much impressed with the vocal ability of Melinda Doolittle. An honorable mention to Sundance Head, who had an awesome audition but really went south during the infamous "Hollywood Week".

Oh well, there are some obvious one's who won't get very far including bare-foot boy and the young Antonella. But I'm sure there will probably be some fun with the i-can't-beleive-i'm-not-beat-boxing Blake Lewis. And I feel sorry for the kid who apparently his mother didn't love him until he auditioned for American Idol, too bad he got cut.

I can't believe I've been sucked into this gimmick. What have I become?

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  • Jeff Schiller on February 15, 2007 ~ 10:22 PM

    So you've become a junkie huh …

    Sadly my wife and I got into it for the first time last year, so we of course got sucked into it this year. I haven't been religious about it, but caught a couple of the audition shows and the one last night.

    Actually, my money is on Antonella right now, I bet she makes it into the top 6. I think she's got what Simon calls "the X factor" - she's got sex appeal, she appears to be pretty controlled and has some talent that could be shaped into a bubble-gum pop celeb. This show is all about fan favourites anyway, never about the talent after a certain point in the eliminations…

    I guess we'll see in the coming weeks… (but don't tell anyone else!)

  • thugchigga on February 16, 2007 ~ 01:01 AM

    "…with all the humiliation and belittling (sad fact of our human nature."

    i dont buy dat iz human nature to be entertain by watchin' others be humiliated. dis shit is learned. only a handful of things r truly genetically programmed in us. & dis aint 1 of 'em.

    werent u payin' attention in (cultural) anthro class back @ good ol' U of M? :-)

  • Mauriat Miranda on February 16, 2007 ~ 08:08 AM

    Antonella? Top 6? I think she's hangin by a thread. Risky gamble, very risky. (I was glad her best friend got the axe after that snide remark that "God" somehow favors her.)

  • Mauriat Miranda on February 16, 2007 ~ 08:08 AM

    I never took anthro. Fine I agree, its not "programmed" but it is acquired. I only watched the auditions after someone told me how much of kick they got at laughing at the losers. I missed the first episode, but I watched all of it on Youtube. And I can't deny the "hook" was seeing people who obviously have no singing talent make a fool of themselves. It is highly entertaining.

  • thugchigga on February 17, 2007 ~ 12:00 AM

    i recall readin' an article online dat hypothesized da origins of "laughing at peepo's misfortunes." it wasnt always like dis. back in da stone ages, if say u slipped & fell down on ur ass but u were ok (relatively unhurt), u would laugh out. but dis laughter was not of humor but rather to signal to da other members of ur clan/tribe u were ok. that is, u would only "laugh" if u were not in pain. so dis signaled ur fellow cave man dat u din need immediate medical attention.

    thousands of yrs later as culture advanced and civilization began to spring up, for watever reason we eventually took this "signal of laughter signaling we were unscathed" and manifested itself into the branch of humor known as "laughing at other peepo's misfortune."

  • Jeff Schiller on February 21, 2007 ~ 08:20 PM

    Ok, I take it back - Antonella is not gonna last very long - she bombed this week. God, I'm such a pop junkie…

  • Mauriat Miranda on February 21, 2007 ~ 09:21 PM

    Shoot, I should have bet something but yeah, it was terrible.

  • Louise on March 10, 2008 ~ 03:15 PM

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