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Shutting Down the Warp Drive

Permanently! So Paramount has finallized that Star Trek:Enterprise will be cancelled and this 4rth season will be it's last. I must shed a tear ... of joy. I cannot emphasize how much disappointment this show brought me. The reasons may vary but the truth was that it just not as good as the 3 (technically 4) series preceding it. Some may ask: Why then did you ever watch it? Simple: obligation.

Multitude of Opinions as Facts?

An opinion is an opinion? Right? What if one opinion is accepted by majority, then what? ... So I'm reading Bill O'Reilly's April 1rst Talkings Point Memo and he, like most news stations, was giving his view of the Terri Schiavo case: Now all over America, people have chosen sides, which is your right to do. "Talking Points" hopes that you base your opinion on provable facts, not speculation and emotion.