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Webpad for Sale

I normally don't like to post advertisement on my blog, but I need to get this done. Anyways, I'm selling my brother's internet webpad. He owes me big for this. In any event, I crafted a progear webpad page for it.

I would appreciate if any readers take a look and see if they or someone they might know would be interested. If anybody knows of some good forums I could post, that would help too. I already did the Yahoo Group. The price is not fixed and I am reasonable. If I don't get much response, then I will probably have to go to Ebay or something.

>> ProGear Webpad <<

Thanks in advance.

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  • Jeff Schiller on January 26, 2005 ~ 09:09 AM

    I must admit, it's tempting…another geek toy. Especially since you can slip it to Rob and he could get it to my Dad who's visiting this weekend and thus, totally avoid the shipping costs (curious: how much would the cost be without the shipping? You can email me at jeff at codedread dot com).

    Again, tempting but I guess I really have no need for it with my Dell laptop from work…