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The Pianist

This weekend I watch The Pianist, a very well done movie in almost every respect. It clearly deserved all the Oscar attention it received. As much as I enjoyed the movie, at times it was very hard to watch its sad depictions and depressing scenes. The German occupation of Warsaw is shown in grim detail through the eyes of a Jewish pianist. As a survivor his very real story was eventually told. The thing that affected me about this movie was that it reminded me of the capabilities of man. Humanity and its meaning at times can be so easily overlooked. I'm not sure what my point is, I guess it bothers me that even to this day worse things happen. I question what mankind has learned from centuries of violence. People can live in their own happy self centered worlds, while easily filtering out the hardships endured by the rest of the people on this planet. Maybe they don't know any better. Maybe no one does. Of course believing that would only be an excuse. There are no excuses, we all should know better.

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  • Mike on August 26, 2003 ~ 12:00 AM

    despite wat one learns in an intro microeconomics course, people are not rational beings. dey rarely act rationally. i dont believe human nature predicates us towards dis or dat. we’re all products of our environment. hitler was da way he was bc of his childhood upbringing/xperiences. and da same goes for every other soul on earth. da only truth is dat everything depends on everything else.