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Long Live MJM!

The "real" Mahesh Reddy started blogging ... again. When I was chatting with him he mentioned that he happened to stumble upon a link to my site, by accident. I thought that was cool. Its funny what we find by accident on the web.

Apparently those who read my resources on my website are very appreciative. Some much more than others. Often I get some messages from overseas. I so very much want to publish my "fan" mail (or email rather) but I don't want to humiliate or make fun of people who may not speak english as their primary language.

I stumbled upon this by pure accident and apparently it is an old post, but it made me smile. Someone from Burma: Nyein Chan

Cheer MJM! Long Live MJM.

So to pay my respects: Free Burma!!!.

But one of my favorites will always be from a Chinese student last year:

I am boy come from China , I am major in computer too , So I get your website from I am fall in love with Linux too.

There was more, but I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Why can't more females contact me??? I would say free China or something to that effect, but I would hate to be blocked out by the "Great Firewall of China". Ahh well, it is good be appreciated.

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  • merrick miranda on May 9, 2006 ~ 09:21 PM

    I had hoped your ego wouldn’t get any larger.. oh well.. ;)