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In Whose Best Interest?

In the northeast part of Ann Arbor where I live, the foundations for a new housing complex is beginning to take shape. For the most part it resembles any other development with one minor exception: its intended demographic is low income residents. Somehow the residents of the nearby affluent subdivisions felt that low income housing would be a breeding ground for crime and drugs, cause traffic problems and danger to young children by speeding cars.

Admitting the Least

Sometimes in an argument when someone gets trapped in a corner, I often hear them say "Well at least I can admit it". I cannot begin to express my frustration with that comment. What does it mean exactly? Perhaps they are implying that they are taking the first step in the path to correcting their problem or issue. With the frequency of the statement, I seriously doubt that. Maybe they think they are somehow better than those who "

Everyday Life

The last 4 days were stressful on me and my family. Every now and then, an event comes along and it is no one's fault, but everyone must help out. And sometimes you know that no matter what you do, you really can't change anything. You can get frustrated or admit "cest la vie" and get over it. I would like to think I opt for the latter, but I've done my fair share of brooding too.

July Holiday Rant

I would be lying if I said that I didn't have any fun over the July 4rth holiday. I joined my family for a weekend stay at a retreat center by a lake near Waterford. Although I had some reservations on going, I guess I did enjoy myself. While we were there, I thought about how inconvenient certain things were (note that we did have both electricity and running water). And I found it ironic that with years of "

No Time

"Post often" is what everyone says. "More content" others scream. In the background some chant "let's start a business". What about "you need to get out more" and "help out with the housework"? Of all the things I could possibly want right now, the item at the top of my list is time. I contend that 24 hours in a day is just too little. I have a million ideas leaking out of my brain but never any oppertunity to develop them.