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Admitting the Least

Sometimes in an argument when someone gets trapped in a corner, I often hear them say "Well at least I can admit it". I cannot begin to express my frustration with that comment. What does it mean exactly? Perhaps they are implying that they are taking the first step in the path to correcting their problem or issue. With the frequency of the statement, I seriously doubt that. Maybe they think they are somehow better than those who "cannot admit it". In what way? I can understand this as an act of self defense, but not as much more than that. Finding solutions to personal problems is a painfully difficult task. However this belief that a mere admission of guilt is enough seems like self delusion to me.

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  • Mike on August 17, 2003 ~ 12:00 AM

    it seems like ur valueing admitting a prob (and stopping there) equally with not admitting said prob. fine, dats perfectly understandable. i’d disagree tho. i’d say self-realization has value. i think coming to terms w/ personal probs is a painful task. finding solutions to ‘em is a cakewalk. implementing permanent solutions is da hard part.

  • Tai on August 19, 2003 ~ 02:14 PM

    Hahahaha… I was going to talk about that in one of my recent entries. I agree with you on this topic. Those that admit their faults and wear it as fashion statements, won’t change. Those that realize their faults don’t use “at least i can admit it” as a shield to shelter their pride.