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In Whose Best Interest?

In the northeast part of Ann Arbor where I live, the foundations for a new housing complex is beginning to take shape. For the most part it resembles any other development with one minor exception: its intended demographic is low income residents. Somehow the residents of the nearby affluent subdivisions felt that low income housing would be a breeding ground for crime and drugs, cause traffic problems and danger to young children by speeding cars. There was a petition drive and committees created to stop the city's approval of the project. Seeing brilliant U of M professors (that I once respected) along with otherwise friendly neighbors take part in the opposition greatly disappointed me. What I could not understand was these people's motives. Common sense would easily refute their claims. Many local teenagers could easily finger the wealthy homes where drugs were used and sold. And in reality the majority of the people who will live in these new units will do just that: live. I'm glad the city did not give into the nonsense. And I'm also glad for the nice area in which I live. However it will take some time to forget my disgust for the selfishness of the people with whom I share this community.

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  • Mike on September 14, 2003 ~ 12:00 AM

    while low SES doesnt cause crime, da 2 go hand in hand. also, people tend to like continuity, so a low-income neighborhood juxtaposed w/ a upper-middle-class 1 doesnt sit well w/ dem. plus white peepo and azns have dis irrational fear against blacks. dey fear blacks like christians fear beelzebub. another reason peeps were against it is maybe it would lower their property values.

  • Mauriat Miranda on September 14, 2003 ~ 06:18 PM

    Considering all of the reasons for being against the development, in my opinion, the last thing you mentioned seems to be the biggest factor. I think the “crime” issue was just a front. Obviously no one could say this openly, for they might appear selfish. Furthermore the need for “continuity” seems similar to the rationale behind segregation.

  • merrick miranda on September 14, 2003 ~ 10:22 PM

    really? drugs up in herre? i know der be weed in da backyard! and yeah i know it finds its ways into homz and it seemz to be more profitable than da stuff in da backyard!