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Shutting Down the Warp Drive

Permanently! So Paramount has finallized that Star Trek:Enterprise will be cancelled and this 4rth season will be it's last. I must shed a tear ... of joy. I cannot emphasize how much disappointment this show brought me. The reasons may vary but the truth was that it just not as good as the 3 (technically 4) series preceding it. Some may ask: Why then did you ever watch it? Simple: obligation.

There is a deeper effect to all of this. Enterprise recently moved to friday nights and the SciFi Channel premeired 2 new shows last fall - also on friday! So each weekend I had to watch Enterprise, Stargate:SG1, Stargate:Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. Now my burden is lighter: 1 less show. And to make things even better, all SciFi Channel shows have had their season finales. I can finally get some rest and do some work now. Ummm...

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  • Jeff Schiller on April 13, 2005 ~ 01:13 PM

    Why “technically” 4? ST:TOS, ST:NG, ST:DS9, ST:VGR.

    Are you not counting TOS for some reason or you consider “Enterprise” better than one of the 4?

    I never watched Enterprise, really and I stayed away from VGR most of the time, but the other three shows were great. Favourite was definitely Next Generation.

    A Confused Former Trekker

  • Mauriat Miranda on April 13, 2005 ~ 01:13 PM

    I say it that way because the TOS is set apart in a way from the newer series. The newer series tried very hard to be consistent and they had a common style with similar management/production. And most importantly all were almost immediately accepted and popular. However the Original never had a complete run and only became popular in syndication. So comparing Enterprise with the TOS is like comparing apples and oranges (to me).

  • Rob on April 14, 2005 ~ 12:12 PM

    I’ll second that. They had a lot of potential with this series and they blew it. Repeatedly. Every episode I knew I would be disappointed, but I was compelled to watch. The first couple seasons I just had to make sure I’d be out of the house so that I wouldn’t turn it on. If I did I’d get drawn in to the choreographed car-wreck that is Enterprise.

  • Mike on April 15, 2005 ~ 03:03 AM

    1. obligation to whom?
      2. dis is da 2nd time (in a row) dat u’ve typed “4rth.” is it intentional, or merely a typo?

      methinks iz a typo. inquirin' minds wanna kno…

  • Mauriat Miranda on April 15, 2005 ~ 06:18 PM

    Umm, you know the obligation that comes with being a Trekkie. I can’t bring myself to miss any tidbit of information revealed about what happens in the entire “saga” (trainreck) that Star Trek is (has become) … no matter how predictable.

    I thought I explained the numbers. There are only 4 seasons of Enterprise, current one included. And there are 5 series, 4 which preceded Enterprise. Of those 4 all had 7 seasons, except TOS which only had 3.