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Good Bye 2008 Hello 2009

A long December indeed ... I really don't like to write about my own personal health. The last thing we need is more complaining on the internets, but I would like to leave a note to my future self when I read this: December 2008 was terrible for me. I was probably sick for 90% of the time and just when I thought I made it out of the woods, something stronger knocks me out.

Battlestar Galactica is Bad Fiction

I've been watching BSG since it premiered as a mini-series. I admit that the show is entertaining and has just enough mystery/curiosity in it to keep me watching it. What I do find horribly annoying is that it's science-fiction is nonsensical (they have FTL, but nothing else). They try to merge in some quasi-allusion to religion (Neo in Matrix was bad enough). And the worst thing is that the characters have nothing concrete about them, they keep changing dynamically from a show-to-show basis.

New Dilbert Website

As part of my normal morning activities, I have to do a quick visit to to figure out if I should laugh, cry or be depressed about my job. Today morning I visited the site to find some horribly broken Flash based website. I could not view the comic strip at all in Mozilla Firefox for whatever reason. Internet Explorer showed the strip, but the site was still a little quirky.

Cell Phone Companies Suck

I hate cell phone companies. I truly do. Yesterday I got a call from my provider during dinner trying to get me to renew my contract. I signed up 2 years ago and in the past few weeks I've been getting nonstop mailers, emails and now calls trying to get me to renew. Cell phone guy: "So how many minutes do you use per month?" Me: "Like 100-200" Him: "Hmm, so it looks like .