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New Dilbert Website

As part of my normal morning activities, I have to do a quick visit to to figure out if I should laugh, cry or be depressed about my job. Today morning I visited the site to find some horribly broken Flash based website. I could not view the comic strip at all in Mozilla Firefox for whatever reason. Internet Explorer showed the strip, but the site was still a little quirky. I saw a "Save" button which I thought was pretty cool, until it told me I had to login to use that feature. Normally I could save the image with a right-click. The only slight positive was it showed in color, but I don't need Flash to do that, nor does it matter: the brilliance of Dilbert showed colorfully in black and white.

On the blog (which I can't see in Firefox) of Dilbert's creator, Scott Adams, he gushes about the new site:

We spent most of the past year, and a small fortune, to unwrap all the pent up Dilbert goodness and provide it to you for free, embracing the new realities of intellectual property on the web.

It seems as if I might be able search old strips which might be cool? Maybe "interact" with the script? See the old strips for free? Perhaps take the good with the bad.

To be fair the site says "BETA", but still, it disturbed my morning routine which is quite unforgivable considering Scott Adam's supposedly understands the cubicle culture.

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  • Jeff Schiller on April 18, 2008 ~ 11:11 AM

    Horrid, simply horrid. Agreed that Scott Adams has taken a step backwards
    in terms of 'coolness' with this one.

    Note when it shows that you can click the "Embed" button and get a snippet
    of HTML which includes a link to the GIF of the ocmic strip. For instance,
    today's is
    <sarcasm>Nice and succinct URL</sarcasm>. I have no idea how long
    that URL will hold true too.

  • Sam Jones on May 13, 2008 ~ 02:14 PM

    I know I'm a little late to this party, but try out

    FYI, great Fedora guides. First place I go on a fresh install :-)

  • Mauriat Miranda on May 13, 2008 ~ 02:14 PM - awesome! thanks.