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Good Bye 2008 Hello 2009

A long December indeed ... I really don't like to write about my own personal health. The last thing we need is more complaining on the internets, but I would like to leave a note to my future self when I read this: December 2008 was terrible for me. I was probably sick for 90% of the time and just when I thought I made it out of the woods, something stronger knocks me out.

I missed a lot of things this past holiday season and oddly enough I missed quite a few things last Christmas as well (India trip). I guess this year I was looking forward to that warm feeling when the whole family is around and enjoying the time off. But somehow with everyone's schedule, that only lasted for 1 whole day. And going forward, I don't know if it will ever happen again. I really should not be surprised. I guess it's time to grow up.

The only shopping I did was to force myself to Macy's and JCPenney to find a suit. A very concrete reminder of the upcoming functions of 2009. And as for this new year, I no longer believe in resolutions timed on a periodic occurrence. However I do think that the turn of the year provide a good time for reflection. Last year started with anticipation and potential, but ended with huge disappointment (I wish I was only referring to finances). I just hope that next year when I'm forcing myself to write something, I will look back more fondly at the time passed.

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  • Anonymous on January 8, 2009 ~ 10:22 PM

    I'm sure you will find something to cherish when you look back, we all do… however bad you may think it was now, today! I do hope you have a prosperous year 2009.

    I agree with the resolution timing, it should come naturally and I think it's okay if you break it once in a while as long as you remember the motive behind the resolution and try!

  • chigga on January 12, 2009 ~ 11:23 PM

    did i happen to inspire ur ass? ;-) a chigga can only dream…