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U2 Slighted by Thieves

I hate it when stuff like this happens. Apparently someone stole a rough cut of U2's yet-to-be-released album Vertigo from a photo shoot in France. Lead singer, Bono's response was to put the album out on iTunes Music Store if they find that the music is being shared illegally on P2P networks. "It would be a real pity. It would screw up years of work and months of planning... But once it's out, it's out.

Life For Rent

The much anticipated Dido album Life For Rent comes out today. The first single White Flag is already a hit. The chanteuse hasn't had a major release since her 1999 No Angel and the initial reviews look good. I'll wait a bit before shelling out for this one. I'll probably listen to some more singles first (in MP3? pretty shocking huh?). News of the (now #2) Sarah McLachlan has indicated a new album slated for release Nov 5.

MP3 Swapping Chaos

Some of you may have already seen this link posted on Slashdot (please read it). The thing that caught my eye was that I read "Ann Arbor, Mich" in it. Basically the article states that the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is serving subpoenas indiscriminantly to users who both download and share music files using P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing programs. In terms of liability they may also target user's parents, grandparents and roommates all depending on account information from their ISP (internet service provider).

Music Reviews

Lately I've had Christina Aguilera on my mind. No, her music. Particularily the songs Fighter and Beautiful. They echo in my mind, often annoyingly. So, as requested by Merrick, I am writing a blog entry on it. Her music isn't the worse out there (thank Britney for that), and I guess she has a good voice. While I'm on the topic of music let me run down the list. The Scientist by Coldplay is pretty good, the video isn't that bad either (one of those play in rewind gimmicks).