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Mauriat is Dead

Mr. Mauriat has just died - Mr. Paul Mauriat that is. Paul Mauriat, a French conductor whose arrangement of "Love is Blue" topped U.S. charts in the 1960s and who garnered a large following in Japan, has died. He was 81. I never downloaded the "Love is Blue" MP3. Coincidentally a fan of Mauriat (not me) happened to email me the file, just because he liked it so much, he thought I would like it also.

Vertigo Tour 2005: Detroit, Michigan

I had a blast at the U2 concert. Granted I was totally exhausted, but in retrospect I really don't regret much. Back in January I was a little disappointed they picked a monday, but I decided that I would make accommodations regardless of work or other committments. So I took some time off, went home, got ready and left for the Palace with my brother, by about 4. Sadly most of southeastern Michigan is under assault by construction and we arrived there by about 5:30.

U2 Anticipation

Feeling good about tomorrow. Need I say more?

I Think I Found my MP3 Player

I've been holding out on an MP3 player for over a year now. My biggest frustration with things like the iPod is that they have bad battery life and support few sound formats, and their compatibility is mediocre. ... So if I were to list my requirements they would be: * Play MP3, WMA, Ogg - (I ripped most of my CD's to Ogg format) 10-15 hour battery life - (iPod does 6?

U2 Vertigo 2005 Tickets Selling Like Hotcakes

So this morning I woke up a bit early and got ready at 9:50am, loaded up and watched the time click till 10:00:00am and clicked on the Palace of Auburn Hills website. Logged in and purchased my U2 tickets and landed 2 floor spots. It took about 3 minutes. I was a bit hesitant about being on the floor, but I've heard great things about the experience. So I went for round 2 and tried to purchase 2 more in the club section.