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Lately I've had Christina Aguilera on my mind. No, her music. Particularily the songs Fighter and Beautiful. They echo in my mind, often annoyingly. So, as requested by Merrick, I am writing a blog entry on it. Her music isn't the worse out there (thank Britney for that), and I guess she has a good voice. While I'm on the topic of music let me run down the list. The Scientist by Coldplay is pretty good, the video isn't that bad either (one of those play in rewind gimmicks). Michelle Branch's Are You Happy Now? deserves a loud NO. Beyonce's Crazy in Love makes me think of some sort of freak accident crossing Tina Turner and Jennifer Lopez. Some of you out there might enjoy that, but I'll pass. I guess Jay-Z helps out a little. And for all of the American Idol worshippers out there, my advice to you: don't. Where Is The Love? by Black Eyed Peas has a catchy refrain. However recent arguments have proven to me that in fact Justin Timberlake sings it, hence I find the "peas" are very annoying indeed. Jewel! What happened to you? Her popular sell out single: Intuition can be fairly listed in the "Sell My Music While I Show Some Skin" category. Finally, let's not forget "50". His latest offerings are weak in comparison to the Club hit.

I could go on but I think that's enough negativity for now.

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  • Tai on July 16, 2003 ~ 12:12 PM

    Music, everyone's a critic… I'm surprised the notorius W.B. has not yet responded to this post. Tho I must agree with the fact that there's too much cheap music out there.

  • Mauriat Miranda on July 16, 2003 ~ 12:12 PM

    That’s why I added the “Re:” button. Trust me, titles make management much easier.

  • merrick miranda on July 16, 2003 ~ 05:17 PM

    glad u took my advice!


  • Mike on July 20, 2003 ~ 08:20 PM

    White Boy, wherefore art thou?