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HTC EVO 4G Battery Life

I have read the most serious complaints about the HTC EVO 4G have been over battery life. I would like to offer my observations. I got my EVO on May 19 with 1 free month of service till June 20. During that time I didn’t use the phone much. I switched my primary account after I returned from India. In doing so I found that in my absence an update was available.

Fedora 13 Released

Paul W. Frields announced the release of Fedora 13. The email there is quite comprehensive, so please take a look at it. Otherwise you can read the release notes in 1 page. I have not had much time to spend with F13 in the beta period, but from what I have used, I’m quite pleased at how many things work with little to no effort. I encourage the upgrade. Please download Fedora 13 using the standard mirrors or using the Torrent (recommended).

LCD Monitor Recommendation

I have been on a 3 year quest to dump my old Sony CRT monitor and replace it with an LCD monitor, but I keep getting sidetracked. I am looking for suggestions (recommendations really) for a high end/quality LCD monitor. Resolution must be 1920x1200 or higher (NOT 1080), and most likely 24in display. It would be really nice with dual-inputs so I can add both my desktop and laptop. A built in USB hub would also be pretty useful.

Stable Release Updates in Fedora

If you missed it there seems to be yet another debate going on about updates in Fedora. I don’t intend to rehash anything. Josh Boyer has a bit of an op-ed post which I think is a good read. Think of the issue in a simple scenario: Should Fedora 12, which was released in Nov 2009 with KDE 4.3 receive the recent KDE 4.4 update? Or should KDE 4.4 be reserved for Fedora 13 which will be released in June 2010?

Fedora and Linux Blogs

I know the trend now is “status updates”, but I still enjoy reading blogs more. And I’ve been doing lots more reading and far less writing lately. I thought I might share the Fedora and Linux blogs that I enjoy. (Sorry I don’t have an OPML link). Fedora Hans' hacking log (Hans de Goede) i, quaid (Karsten Wade) James Morris Jef"I am the pusher robot"Spaleta Kevin’s World (Kevin DeKorte) knurd (Thorsten Leemhuis) mairin (Máirín Duffy) Mether’s Fedora Blog (Rahul Sundaram) poelcat (John Poelstra) Rex Dieter Richard WM Jones Single Point of Failure (Jesse Keating) Tom Callaway Will Woods, Fedora Testing Guy wtogami (Warren Togami) CentOS / Red Hat related