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Fedora 13 Released

Paul W. Frields announced the release of Fedora 13.

The email there is quite comprehensive, so please take a look at it. Otherwise you can read the release notes in 1 page.

I have not had much time to spend with F13 in the beta period, but from what I have used, I’m quite pleased at how many things work with little to no effort. I encourage the upgrade.

Please download Fedora 13 using the standard mirrors or using the Torrent (recommended).

(Note: I have not published any guides/information for this release yet. This will happen in the next few days. Most of the Fedora 12 information applies.)

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  • Brad S on May 26, 2010 - 08:08 AM

    Yeah I have been impressed as well … one thing I tried again was Adobe Air (I’m addicted to Spaz) anyway, one-two-three and done … very nice … and the print drivers worked out-of-the-box as advertised - usually the odd releases don’t seem to be looked at with much respect but this go around I am quite impressed … nice to see stability and user-experience taken into consideration this go around. That said, RHEL6 beta is quite nice as well.