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An Avatar For My Credit Card

A few days before Christmas I decided to watch Avatar with my brothers. I don't visit theaters often, so I thought it would be fun to watch it in IMAX 3D (based on great past experience). Considering it was the holiday season with more crowds the box office, I opted to purchase tickets online for a reserved seating show (a first for me). For security, I used a temporary credit card number (like I always do) and printed my confirmation/receipt and went to the theater a few hours later.

Thanksgiving 2009

This Thanksgiving was really unlike any previous that I can really remember. To start, very few guests actually came. While the house was full for Thursday night dinner, no one actually stayed over. Considering this year's events (2 weddings and a funeral), it was not much of a surprise. I just did not intend to be graced with an abundance of free time. With that there were quite a few "

The Day My Music Died

As of today, my trial subscription to XM Radio ended. When I got it a few months ago, I thought I would barely use it. But after a while, I found it quite refreshing to be able to arbitrarily pick between different genre's of music or news or even sports. And the best part was, that it was significantly easier than pulling out my MP3 player and messing with all the cables.

The Monkey In Office

When using clipart in Microsoft Publisher 98 (part of the popular Microsoft Office) a search for the word "monkey" displayed an African-American couple sitting in a playground. Obviously someone eventually filed a lawsuit. When users type the word "monkey" to obtain a graphic, the program displays an African-American couple sitting on playground equipment, alongside four other images that show various types of monkeys. The suit claims that while the term "

An X-Box For Christmas

I know this is from last year (perhaps 2 yrs ago), but it made me laugh thinking about it. "Michael, what do you want for Christmas?" "Grandma, can you get me an X-box?" "What? A next-box? I don't even know what the first-box was?"