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Thanksgiving 2009

This Thanksgiving was really unlike any previous that I can really remember. To start, very few guests actually came. While the house was full for Thursday night dinner, no one actually stayed over. Considering this year's events (2 weddings and a funeral), it was not much of a surprise. I just did not intend to be graced with an abundance of free time.

With that there were quite a few "firsts" this year. My parents broke tradition and actually decided to cook a turkey. I cannot remember a turkey in our house for maybe 20 years? (Yes, for you non-believers there was a picture taken!) While I'm not a big turkey fan, the guests loved it. But I cannot figure out why the drum-sticks were left-over?

Nothing to do with the turkey, but this year I really did not overeat. While I'm not saying I typically engage in binge overeating, usually 2nd's and sometimes 3rd's are pretty common. But not this year. I think I was seriously considering my weight, not that its a major concern ... yet.

And while weight watching, I thought that drinking fewer hard drinks instead of a lot of beer would be better for the gut. Not sure that's logically sound, but I really did not drink that much, although I did have one incident. I've never had a whiskey hangover before and I really hope I never have one again.

Another pleasant surprise, I actually got up on "Black Friday" and did some shopping. It has probably been at least 10 years since I did. I don't care for the crowds, but a co-worker told me last Tuesday that he likes to just walk around at his own pace and just see what's left. So I did the same. I decided that if by chance I woke up before 12 (and I did), then I would just drive around to see what I would find. I went with absolutely zero expectations. Surprisingly I got much more than I expected. I was most happy to get a new jacket. I had been passively looking for a while, but the Friday deal was unbeatable.

I did take some of my free time to put up the Christmas tree early. My brother's new LED outdoor lights are really bright and aren't supposed to burn out for like a hundred years (give or take a decade). I also by chance found my old penny collection that I seemed to have lost in 1995 (that's the last penny in there).

Pretty relaxing holiday for me.

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  • Jess on January 1, 2010 ~ 06:18 PM

    Hey Good one!!.. yes, saw the drumsticks on one of the pics too.. Happy holidays guyz.. !!
    When I asked your brother for Xmas pics, he told me to ask you.. I guess here is ma request for you for the same.. lol.. cant wait to see the pics. Enjoy the few days of holidays left over !!!
    Happy New year guys !!!