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Update to RPMFusion

The availability of RPMFusion for Fedora was previously announced a few days ago. However I never got a chance to actually perform the update. For those who are not familiar with Fedora’s third-party software repositories (repo’s), the two most popular repo’s: Freshrpm and Livna were typically the place to find software not permitted in Fedora. While I used Freshrpms in FC3 and earlier, I did eventually write most of my newer guides using Livna.

Network Connections and Applications

A fairly common question is: How do I determine which applications are making network connections? While there are different ways to do this, a quick solution is with netstat. To see which applications are connecting to which network addresses, run the following as root (if you are not root certain output is limited): # netstat -tuap This will produce several columns of output the last column is PID/Program name. If you do not recognize the application name, use the PID number and use the ps command to find more information.

Copy with a Progress Bar

This is something I’ve always thought about looking up myself. Great tip for using pv command for seeing copy progress. Example: $ cat source/file.img | pv -s 100g -p -e -r > destination/file.img [ 25MB/s] [==========> ] 13% ETA 0:54:35 Only problem: what package in CentOS includes pv?

Firefox SSL Certificates

Using Firefox 3. Very simply, I know that Redhat’s main website ( works perfectly fine. However when I exclude the “www”, and go to the same website:, apparently something is wrong? I see Secure Connection Failed. (Should I be concerned???) So I click the “add exception link…” … which turns into button … So I click the “Add Exception…” Button … which opens a dialog So I click the “Get Certificate” Button So I can enable the “Confirm Security Exception” Button, so I can click on that.

Firefox 3 Release

According to Spread Firefox the official release time for Firefox 3.0 will be at 10AM PST, so 1PM EST (for me). Are you excited? Really excited? Well if you are, I feel sorry for you ;-) I took a note from Chris Blizzard and cheated by downloading already by typing out the full URL into a mirror (no, I didn’t use a link). Unfortunately for Fedora 9 users I haven’t seen any notice of an update (Fedora 8 no clue).