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Fedora 11 Released

“This is Fedora!". Leonidas is in command! After a minor 2 week delay, the diligent Fedora project just announced the release of Fedora 11. The Fedora 11 Feature List seems rather spectacular with many big (and small) inclusions. There really are too many updates to list, some of the the highlights: Desktop GNOME 2.26 - Disk burning, Simpler file sharing, Better volume control, Media player enhancements KDE 4.2.2 - more updates to KDE4 XFCE 4.

Various Linux and Fedora News

A great deal of the following is all old news. Adobe has has Flash Plugin for x86_64 Linux architecture in Beta since Oct 2008. The only thing, is that since it is provided in a tarball (.tar.gz), you are better off builing an RPM (spec file). Note that the 32bit i386 version still works perfectly with nspluginwrapper. Similarily Sun has released the Java JRE web plugin for x86_64 archictecture. Installation is the very identical to 32bit.

Fedora 10 Released

Cambridge has been launched. After another round of hacking and coding the Fedora project just announced the release of Fedora 10. The Fedora team has been working overtime to make sure this release arrived in spite of the security issues they had earlier this year. The highlights from the Release Summary: Desktop GNOME 2.24 - Instant messaging, video, time tracking, and file management improvements KDE 4.1.2 - many needed updates to KDE4 LXDE - Windows like lightweight desktop environment Sugar Desktop (XO) - Desktop provided on the OLPC project New ‘Plymouth’ graphical boot system Language support improvements Administration/Hardware/System

Fedora 9 Review

After spending a good deal of time configuring Fedora 9 I thought I would take this opportunity to provide my thoughts and feedback. The following is my Review of Fedora 9 (F9). “Sulphur” smells only just a little. Installation Media The first thing I was happy to see was that the team finally decided to offer Fedora 9 in multi-CD installations in addition to the DVD installation. This has been missing since Fedora 7.

Fedora 9 Released

Can you feel the burn of “Sulphur” ? After an unfortunate 2 week delay the Fedora project just announced the release of Fedora 9. Fedora has always been known to be the latest and greatest and this release is no different, rough edges and all. A great deal of hard work has been done to put this all together. The highlights from the Release Summary: Desktop GNOME 2.22 - many added functions, improvements KDE 4.