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No Time

"Post often" is what everyone says. "More content" others scream. In the background some chant "let's start a business". What about "you need to get out more" and "help out with the housework"?

Of all the things I could possibly want right now, the item at the top of my list is time. I contend that 24 hours in a day is just too little. I have a million ideas leaking out of my brain but never any oppertunity to develop them. And if I could, I'm so slow. So why am I so slow? Time, interruptions, responsibilities ... frustrations.

Sometimes there is no time for myself ... and now I wonder why I wasted the time typing this?

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Linux Upgrade

I've always wanted to update my outdated Redhat 7.3. I was not happy with Redhat 8, but I feel its time to go with the flow and upgrade. So I finally bit the bullet and installed Redhat 9.0 over the past 2 hours. I'm not very happy with it. Too many basic features are removed and there is quite a bit of bloat.

I'm rather disappointed with the Gnome people for making such poor choices with the distributed applications. (Nautilus and Metacity are pathetic.) Even so, I still prefer Gnome over KDE. I'm really happy with the GTK2 port of Gaim (aka AIM for Linux), the fonts and a few other polished features. Is it worth the upgrade? Time will tell.

And so begins the week long quest to recompile, update, patch, modify and configure every little aspect of this complex OS.

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For those of you who do not know what a "blog" is, I would like to offer a definition. A blog (short for web log) is simply a webpage with short and frequent posts in the form of a diary or journal. As states: ?Blog posts are like instant messages to the web?. That notion characterizes blogs quite perfectly. The one thing that all blogs have in common are that they are in some way personal. Which is unique since it provides an easy and unfiltered method in which an author can communicate to his/her readers. No editors, no advertiser ... just the writer and the readers.

I doubt that blogs will significantly alter human existence, however I do think that they will impact news, journalism and the internet as a whole. So what's my point? Go out and get a blog! It may surprise you how liberating you may find it. :-) Check out my links for a few blogging resources.

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I'm Done

Well I'm finally done with majority of this site and there is still quite a bit left to do. It is the last day of May and I started almost on the first of March! Look around, there isn't much content yet. I'll add some soon.

The posting system works, so sign up for an account and reply (if you had one before, it probably got deleted sorry). If something is wrong, let me know.

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