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Linux Upgrade

I've always wanted to update my outdated Redhat 7.3. I was not happy with Redhat 8, but I feel its time to go with the flow and upgrade. So I finally bit the bullet and installed Redhat 9.0 over the past 2 hours. I'm not very happy with it. Too many basic features are removed and there is quite a bit of bloat.

I'm rather disappointed with the Gnome people for making such poor choices with the distributed applications. (Nautilus and Metacity are pathetic.) Even so, I still prefer Gnome over KDE. I'm really happy with the GTK2 port of Gaim (aka AIM for Linux), the fonts and a few other polished features. Is it worth the upgrade? Time will tell.

And so begins the week long quest to recompile, update, patch, modify and configure every little aspect of this complex OS.

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