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Linux Kernel Documentation

Within every release of the official kernel source from there is a provided /Documentation directory. This directory contains various notes, guides, tips, documentation, explanations and otherwise useful information. Majority of this content is provided in pure text format.

I thought it would be convenient if I could navigate through this infomation on the internet. So I decided to host it myself.

Information on my Kernel Documentation pages

Linux Kernel Documentation

I converted every file into web formatted pages with the following features:

  • All URL’s are converted to clickable links (anchors). (There are some bugs)
  • All email addresses have been (simply) obfuscated.
  • Every page is connected to the directory in which it resides.
  • All files have line numbers to easily point to specific content.
  • Line numbers can be temporarily disabled to allow for east cut-and-paste without numbers. (Javascript required)

I know that others have done this before, but I wanted to do this for my own personal usage and convenience. I wanted to be able to link to content easily from my own Linux Resources guides and documentation.

I tried to put in as many features as I thought would be helpful for myself as well as others. However I wouldn’t mind adding more features for others.

I will try to update with every new kernel release that has updated documentation files.

Finally I want to express my appreciation and respect for every person who has contributed to the Linux kernel and to open source projects in general. The content provided is from the official kernel source and copyrighted its respective authors.

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