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Published: 7 May 2006 (updated: 7 May 2006)

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Linux Kernel Documentation

A web formatted copy of the Linux Kernel Source Documentation can be found at the following address:

Within every release of the official kernel source from there is a provided /Documentation directory. This directory contains various notes, guides, tips, documentation, explanations and otherwise useful information. Majority of this content is provided in pure text format.

Web Formatted Content

Since the /Documentation is provided in text with no strict structuring, I have decided to index every file and convert to HTML. By converting to HTML it is very easy to navigate all files and to point to a specific position in a file. All pages are unedited except for the following changes:

Other people have produced similar pages and sites which is perfectly fine. This was created primarily for my own convenience and personal use.


The documentation will (most likely) be updated with every new kernel release - only if that release has new documentation files. Each page is stamped with the kernel release from where it came and the date I generated the content.

Copyright and Credit

All the content on every page is copyrighted and belongs to its respective author. Some pages have provided email addresses, others URL's and many with no author. Please contact the respective author for questions or comments on any given content.

The Linux Kernel is distributed under a GPL license including the mentioned documentation. It is freely available from:


The primary motivation was to provide a more convenient way to navigate and cross reference information included in the kernel source. Suggestions to improve the layout, structure or mechanics of the pages are welcome.

Comments, suggestions, questions or any feedback welcome for this page or any of my Resources. Please use the contact link.

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