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Chrome 28 and newer for CentOS 6

Officially Google no longer support Chrome for CentOS 6 (ref). The recommendation (for now) is to either switch to Firefox or Chromium. I decided to go with the second option. Obtain the YUM repository settings here: chromium-el6 repo. First uninstall Google Chrome # sudo yum remove google-chrome To install: # sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/chromium-el6.repo # sudo yum install chromium Do not launch Chromium immediately, if you want your Chrome settings to transfer over do the following:

Yum Groups

The Fedora 18 installer does not allow single package installations, instead it prefers to install by package groups. You can also install groups after completing installation. This is especially useful since you can only select one Desktop Environment at installation. Alternatively, to have faster installations, select as few groups as possible and then only install the ones you need later. This is just a quick note on how yum can install by groups instead of by individual packages.

Improve Fonts in Chrome in CentOS 6

I am currently running the latest version of Firefox (8.0) and Google Chrome (15.0.874.121) in CentOS 6 64-bit using the Gnome 2.28 desktop. Both work fine, however Firefox renders fonts significantly better than Chrome. The Fix: The following steps fix the problem. Open the file .fonts.conf in your home directory, if it does not exist create it: $ touch ~/.fonts.conf Add the following contents to the file: <?

Downside to Enterprise Linux

(Note: For the purpose of this post CentOS is equivalent to RHEL) It has been about 2 and 1/2 years since I built a dedicated server and chose CentOS instead of Fedora. Since I installed CentOS 5.1 I have used the upgrade process 4 times with no problems bringing me to version 5.5 with practically no re-installation, re-configuration or troubleshooting upgrade issues. This is the goal of enterprise linux. A long term stable solution with no major changes to preserve compatibility with every piece of software that was provided since it was released (in this case April 2007).

CentOS 5.5 Released

The CentOS team just announced the release of CentOS 5.5. The wiki has the Release Notes. Most major changes can be found in the RHEL 5.5 release information (which CentOS is based). Running yum update should update your system. Keep in mind the recent post-release updates should be syncing with the CentOS mirror soon. As always, relatively smooth sailing with CentOS!