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The Box Set

I recently went through the Sopranos Box Set (83 hrs over 30 dvd's). I could write novels on the subject matter, but this post has nothing to do with that. Rather I would like to share a greater frustration: Swapping so many discs is the most annoying experience when watching a full television show. I would have rather spent a few days ripping all discs to some home networked media server or even paid $$ to have the episodes streamed online (but I can't since I have to subscribe to HBO).

An Avatar For My Credit Card

A few days before Christmas I decided to watch Avatar with my brothers. I don't visit theaters often, so I thought it would be fun to watch it in IMAX 3D (based on great past experience). Considering it was the holiday season with more crowds the box office, I opted to purchase tickets online for a reserved seating show (a first for me). For security, I used a temporary credit card number (like I always do) and printed my confirmation/receipt and went to the theater a few hours later.

Star Trek

I saw the new Star Trek movie over a week ago, but I was too busy to post a review (or rant). The movie by itself was an entertaining movie. It opened with a really well-done amazing epic scene and from there it flowed smoothly and didn't have too many dull points or lags in the story. I think as a science fiction movie, it was definitely above average, and in that you had semi-decent actors with countless cheesy lines, massive special effects, plot that almost kinda makes sense and of course a perfect setting for sequels.

Blockbuster Movies and DVD Rentals

I can count on one hand how many times I went to see a movie on opening weekend. Although it was fun, I never did so because I was eagerly anticipating the movie. It was always because of the situation or the company I was keeping at the moment. In the eyes of the movie industry I'm a bust - I don't succumb to paying $9.50 right away and add to what makes a movie a "

End of the World

Apparently today should be the end of the world or something like that. Seeing as the 666 is the mark of the beast or something like that and today is 06/06/06 based on some gregorian calendar or something like that. To that effect the remake of the 1976 classic horror movie The Omen was released today. I just thought it would be funny to note that I watched the original movie for the first time exactly 66 + 6 days ago.