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Boot Failure When Fedora 12 Grub Installs to non-MBR Partition

I prefer to keep Windows on the MBR. So I install grub to a separate partition. I then allow the Windows Loader to chainload grub (example). I noticed a problem with the Fedora 12 Anaconda Installer. If I chose to install grub to the First sector of boot partition instead of the MBR, I get an un-bootable system. It is easy to see the problem if you compare fdisk output. (I reduced the output for clarity)

Fedora 12 Released

It’s that time of year again, the Fedora Project announced the release of Fedora 12. This release has received a great deal of polish, and with that plenty of media and documentation to go along with it. Please see what’s new in Fedora 12. Some of the highlights include: Optimized performance - The 32-bit packages have been compiled for i686 systems Faster updates - The yum-presto plugin is default and RPM has updated its compression format More comprehensive networking and broadband support Next-generation (Ogg) Theora video Bluetooth on-demand Moblin graphical interface for netbooks Gnome 2.